.yunivibe's facility of arts and alike, also a very sassy dragon...........Demoreel ........... Modelreel

Connichi is over and I’m as happy as could be! I got to draw A LOT of dragons for people :> Stormfly <3<3<3

And that little special commission for a very lovely Astrid uwu (the last picture) 
Without her, I would’ve never touched that sketch again. And let me tell you, it was one messed up scribble! But she liked it and so I finished it. It turned out way better than I’d hoped >____< I will send it to her tomorrow, but it’s really hard to give away somehow ;A; 

Something else!


I’m still looking for help to be able to attend the CTNX ‘14 ;A; And I need YOUR help!
I don’t expect anything for free, so EVERY donator will get something in return! Details are on the GoFundMe-Page :>

THANK YOU ;__________________;



Here’s a little sneakpeek for our current Project “Emma, the extraordinary wolf”. This is by no way the final style, but something to get ourselves on track in terms of colors and character development emma_sketch0001_009_preview


The next big project is on our desks :}

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My internship started this week and I couldnt be happier!!

I have a huge workspace and everything is just totally chill. :} I still have some hand ins for university to do…meh :

for daily-cookies wall :}(edit: replaced crappy photo with an itsy bitsy better scan)

for daily-cookies wall :}

(edit: replaced crappy photo with an itsy bitsy better scan)

warm up doodle today! :}

warm up doodle today! :}

I’m still completely flabbergasted by all the great support I’ve gotten so far! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! ;A;

I want to make this happen!

So I’ve added some new reward options! All the lil foxes, mermaids, ladies and other critters you can see up there are ORIGINAL ink drawings you’ll be able to get!
These are NOT prints, but genuine handcrafted ink pieces. If you like a certain motive, but it’s not the right color or format for you, let me know :D

THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!! TAT (and a heartfelt sorry for bothering you with this u__u”)

reblobbing is much much much appreciated<3

Here goes nothing…
Level of Desperation: IT’S OVER 9000!


it&#8217;s official! I&#8217;ll be interning at Greyhound Studios! I&#8217;m so excited and it&#8217;s gonna start real soon (1.8). So I&#8217;m practicing their style @_@ aaaaaah

it’s official! I’ll be interning at Greyhound Studios! I’m so excited and it’s gonna start real soon (1.8). So I’m practicing their style @_@ aaaaaah

some sketches from last thursday’s rather long trainride

the 1st & 3rd are some characters for a collab-animation-project at university :} deadline is end of this month @__@”


well…I guess I’ll look on the bright side. More time to prepare my internship applications for next year…(I’ll be going for the “big three” - studios again XD over-ambitious, I know. But I think reaching big isn’t a bad thing to do :} )
These won’t be part of that, of course. It’s just my way of coping with the long wait. I usually don’t do fanart that much, but when I’m really excited for something? There’s no holding back.